The Business

The product-chemical sector

The product/chemical carriers are used to transport liquid chemical and petroleum refined products. They are constructed according to the most recent requirements for the handling and transport of such cargoes and are designed for the simultaneous transport as well as for the loading and unloading of several incompatible products. These vessels are equipped with a double hull and segregated ballast in order to obtain a drastic reduction of the risk of contamination and pollution of the environment. In addition, the technology used for their construction and the technically skilled crews help to make them very reliable and safe.

We operate an attractive and high quality fleet on Handy and Medium Range segments to meet our client’s needs. Our vessels are operated both in spot and period charters to maximize fleet utilization with minimal idle time in order to take advantage of the rates available in the market.

The Crude Oil sector

The company has extended its activity to the crude oil maritime transportation field, where highly specialized vessels
are required. The building features of the vessels such as double hull, longitudinal bulkhead, dimensions, high
pumping capacity, make the vessels safe and reliable, complying with the latest requirements for oil pollution
prevention and respect for the environment.